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Why Use Us

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Things to think about when choosing a notary/tag agent to process YOUR work...

You just found the best deal on a car, or you need to transfer your grandma's car to you NOW!!! ......take a moment and think about items below:

Does the notary offer convenient evening and weekend hours?

Let's face it..most of us need to get title work done after the traditional work that means evenings or weekends is the time to get it done. What about on a Sunday? As long as you are not buying a vehicle from a dealer, your title work CAN be done on Sunday, just call us to set an appointment.... ..its that easy and convenient.

Does the notary/tag agency offer on-line processing?

This is the BEST way to get your title work done. Some area notaries are in the old fashion ways of pink slips and those crazy window permits for ALL their transactions. They do not see the value of processing online. With the old fashioned way you have to wait normally 4-6 WEEKS to get your registration card or other output from PennDOT. We pride ourselves on being part of the online processing program with PennDOT, it allows YOU the customer to get your registration card instantly. Granted we have the "pink slips" and window permits for the 10% of transactions that cannot be processed online, but we have a network of seasoned professionals to get those transactions processed in two to three weeks, and you leave our office with the temporary products your need.

Is the notary/agent knowledgeable about PennDOT procedures?

In our business, the customer comes first, and you can be assured that your work will be done correctly the FIRST TIME it is processed. l have over nineteen years of experience and attend continuing education regularly. We also network with professionals in the title/registration field to ensure l am processing work correctly and NOT guessing!!

How long does it take to do a title transfer?
Our customers are usually in and out in a matter of 10-15 minutes. Your time is valuable and that is taken into consideration when you use my services.

Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it’s better....

Our fees for services are set within the state guidelines. In this tough economy, one has to be careful with their money but, just because the "other notary" is cheaper doesn't mean it is a better service.  These are vehicles, trailers, boats, and more that you are buying.  You need this important work done correctly with out any issues.  I pride myself on doing your transaction right the first time.  

Do they accept ALL forms of payment (credit & debit cards, checks and cash)?

We accept ALL forms of payment, including credit & debit cards, checks, and good old fashioned cash!!